Thursday, June 11, 2020, By Brian Rosener, Daily American Republic
From left, Anthony Logan, Logan Green and Cora Brown won prizes for their poster drawing for a “What Home Means to Me” contest held by the Poplar Bluff Housing Authority and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.

This past winter the Poplar Bluff Housing Authority held two events where children living in one of its family units drew posters and enjoyed snacks.

The drawings were entered into a contest called “What Home Means to Me” for three age categories. The winners were given a new touch-screen tablet and a gift bag while their posters were sent in for a national contest put on by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.

Logan Green, Anthony Logan, and Cora Brown picked up their winnings this week.

“This was our first year participating,” said Tammy Harper with the Poplar Bluff Housing Authority.

“We held two events to allow the kids an opportunity to participate.”

Anyone who could not attend could still enter a poster. Harper said a total of 18 posters were submitted.

Green, 6, said his drawing was inspired by scene that he recalled with his mother and brother in front of their home.

“I’m playing basketball,” he said. “I kicked it and fell over.”

While his mother told him about the touch-screen tablet for winning the contest, Green said he was surprised by the large gift bag.

Cora Brown shows her winning poster design.

Logan Green shows his winning poster design.

Logan and Brown were surprised to see each other at the Housing Authority office. They live in the same neighborhood and didn’t know the other had entered the contest.

Brown, 12, said all the kids in the area play a lot of games together, adding, “it’s nice.”

Her drawing featured her house with butterflies around it along with words that meant something to her. Brown and her family have lived there five years, she said.

“At this house God loves us! At this house you are safe!” her poster reads.

Logan, 9, has lived in Poplar Bluff four years after previously living in St. Louis.

“Basically, I drew my house, I drew trees,” he said.

Inscribed on each branch of the trees are words that he associates with his family home.

“Peace, comfort, a safe place to lay your head,” were written on one while the other had “Laughter, love, family dinners, protection.”


Anthony Logan’s winning poster design.

NAHRO holds a contest to pick 13 national winners.

It’s part of a campaign called Housing America to educate communities about housing and development programs.

The Poplar Bluff Housing Authority features 275 family units to assist low and moderate-income households that “improve the quality of life, promote self-sufficiency and economic vitality.”