The Twin Towers Highrise Apartments were built in 1969, and have become one of the most iconic landmarks in the Poplar Bluff Area. These 14 floor buildings are built specifically for our elderly population, and contain 104 apartments, a gracious community center and are surrounded by a residential park. The apartments offer a splendid view of the city and the nearby countryside from a comfortable and roomy dwelling.

A celebration pf the 50 year anniversarywas held at the Twin Towers Apartments, with speakers including John Stanard Chairman, Board of Directors PBHA; Mayor Robert L. Smith; Representative Hardy Billington; and Representative Jeff Shawan.
An introduction was given by Darrin Taylor, Executive Director of the Poplar Bluff Housing Authority; Invocation by Rev. David Stewart of the First United Methodist Church; and Benediction by Tim Ingle, Family Pastor of Memorial Baptist Church